More about 'multi-user with teacher support'

Users with teacher privileges can edit/create lesson files and edit game settings for their pupils. They can also see statistics for each of their pupils. The statistics for a pupil in a keyboard layout are: the percentage of keys in that layout that the pupil has attempted, the overall accuracy and the overall speed. They can also delete their pupils. Deletion should only be done once the student has left the school. If a pupil moves to another grade that has a different teacher, the old teacher should just exclude that pupil's statistics from his records by pressing the relevant button under 'View class progress'.

A 'teacher' password must be given during the installation of Multi-user with teacher support. This password must be made known to those users who wish to have teacher privileges. The 'teacher' password must be entered when creating a new user with teacher privileges and must also be entered every time a teacher wishes to login.

If you would be interested in a more secure version that does not need a folder to be shared with write permissions then let me know ( I will consider writing a network server that just listens for requests. This would also have the advantage that there could be many clients installed in different places.